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Includes pgn, cbv and pdf downloads of recent games. Gm andy soltis, studying chess made easy, the right way to study an opening in first steps. But although tactical, the sicilian offers more of a positional game than the french. French defense repertoire, part two kenilworth chess club. A lot of club players i know swear by that book and it is good to know esteemed alternate opinions. The french defense is a very popular choice nowadays among chess players of all levels. The potential of c2c4 for many years, the exchange variation of french defense, with 1. We offer the widest selection of french defense chess books at the lowest prices with sameday shipping. Nf6, 6 bd3 nc6 7 ne2 cxd4 8 cxd4 f6 9 nf4 c06 and more. It is a very solid choice, but at the same time quite aggressive. This opening was not popular in the 19th century as e5 was the usual answer to e4. The french defence is one of the most popular and reliable responses to 1. Our french repertoire group looked at petrosians game by way of an introduction to the system and will probably return to consider this line in greater depth, especially since we are now convinced that black can sidestep the supposed refutation of this system by.

I received, quite unexpectedly, many comments and opinions following the publication of my first book on the french defence. The french is among the most popular defenses against 1. Englishfrench, frenchenglis self defence budapest defence defence standar 02 sicilian defence food defence pirc defence queens indian defence pdf jsp 440 defence manual of security kings indian defence caro kann defence hardy boys in self defence indian defence pdfng nimzo indian defence pdf. This book helped to launch the open encyclopedia of chess openings oeco project. The winawer is an often played variation by white against the french. I think i misunderstood your first sentence, thought u had read all these 3 books, lol. The complete french by lev psakhis was a singlevolume, very dense book which covers the main variations. The french does have a section on 4 bf8, or the equivalent 3 nf6 4 ng8 what you want is to find a bunch of old petrosian games and marvel at. French defense chess books shop for french defense chess. Steinitz, classical and other systems download book everything in this world comes to an end in due course, and the lime has now. The french defence volume 1, 2 and 3 by emanuel berg 3 books, paperback paperback softcover, 1104 pages combined. Gm yannick pelletier is a specialist of this opening, and believes that the most efficient way to understand its ideas, plans, and typical structures is to study classical lines. He has since updated it with several volumes that all have excellent content but are not friendly to the novice.

After studying that book as well, you should be armed with a complete 2020 ready french repertoire. We have put together a list of the best books available on the french defence that will prove valuable to both beginners and masters and result in more wins on the chess board. The final theory of chess is a practical opening guide for correspondence players, an aggressive repertoire for overtheboard players, and a solid foundation for future chess theory to build upon. Personnally i used play the french, 2nd edition, to. Shop for french defense chess books at us chess federation sales. I followed his recommendations in all the games and had. The book contains over 300 pages and in addition, pgn files which will allow you to play along with the moves on your computer in your favourite chess program. The french has a reputation for solidity and resilience, although. The chapter begins with a verbal description of the. Page 6 page 7 bill wall 700 opening traps quick rules of chess the point of chess is to attack the enemy king and checkmate the king so that it cannot move to any square without also being attacked. Play the french by john watson this book is intended as a.

The french is a rich opening for the black player who is happy to take some risks in order to play for a win. Watsons highly acclaimed work presents a repertoire for black in the french defence against all of whites recognized options. So i just meant that if u are able to read and absorbassimilate all these books, then u would master the french. Fort knox variation in the french defense chess world. A dynamic repertoire for black by simon williams is yet another fine addition to a long list of repertoire books devoted to the french defense from blacks perspective. It is like the sicilian insofar as it tries to avoid e5 as a response to e4, and take away the initiative from white. Instead of traveling down welltrodden and analyzed paths, watson concentrates on fresh or littleexplored variations of the french, selecting a wealth of dangerous options. The french defence 1 by emanuel berg quality chess uk.

When i was first approached about a french repertoire project in 2008 i was keen on the idea, but a hectic tournament. White has extra space in the centre and on the kingside and often plays for a breakthrough with f4f5. Killer french ebook ginger gm chess grandmaster simon. French defence pgn downloads downloads are from french exchange 10453 games french advance14678 games french rubenstein 7810 games french steinitz 6103 games french classical 4608 games french winawer main line12683 games french tarrasch 3. Caruana, f nepomniachtchi, i, nakamura, h nepomniachtchi, i and others.

The french, each chapter focuses on one major branch of the french defense main line winawer, classical, tarrasch, advanced, etc. The french, international master john watson takes a revolutionary look at one of the most famous and widelyplayed chess openings. The french is a solid and safe defence which you will certainly meet and may like to play yourself as a reply to 1. Play the french, 4th edition by john watson everyman chess. The french defence for the tournament player, nicholas pert, chessbase dvd, video running time. This product has been in the making for a long time. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid complications, despite how much you want to, there are going to be complications, just because you play this line, doesnt mean the game cant somehow explode into a tactical mess. When the question arose again in 2011, the timing was more favourable and i decided to go for it. This dvd gives you the key to start out with the french defence. This opening has always been my main weapon on the way to gaining the grandmaster title, and now within the pages of this ebook i explain everything that i have learnt about the french defence over the last 25 years.

The idea of writing a chess book has been on my radar for many years. When i was first approached about a french repertoire project in 2008 i was keen on the idea, but a hectic tournament schedule meant having to put the plan on hold. Dutch defence chess books dutch defence chess dutch defence pdf new art of defence in chess chess art of defence chess french defence dutch defense chess dutch books pdf chess, chess books old chess books chess books chess books pdf soltis chess books chess books collection chess books epub chess endgame. In this article we will have an inside look in the so called fort knox variation of the french and we will see how to play against. What are some great chess games with the french defence. The solid rubinstein variation of the french defense despite its having been played by world champions and elite grandmasters has never been subjected to detailed study. By advancing the epawn only one square, black chooses to put pressure on the white centre at the coast of a bad light squared bishop. Buy the french defense chess openings books at wholesale chess. The french defence is an often used opening that every chess player needs to have in their arsenal. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. The french defence it starts fraser heights chess club.

If white keeps control of these squares he will stand better. I have been a fan of the french defence since i started playing chess. Volume 1 of this threepart series on the french defense deals with all the lines in the winawer, except for the poisened pawn variation, thats explained in volume 2. The french defense is a solid and hard to beat chess opening, but black can feel locked in as the game takes on a blocked character at times, especially in the early phase of the opening. English gm nicholas pert is the current national head coach of the english chess federation, and has regularly played for english teams in the olympiads and the european team championships. The french defense requires a lot of sharp, tactical play. A completely updated edition which presents a black repertoire based on the french. Among my favorite books on the french are tim hardings ancient the classical frenchwhich was published in 1993. However, recently this variation is again in the center of attention because of the. There are also several themes and tactical motifs that are easy to learn and that will score you many points over the board and in online blitz. Its quite flexible and it offers black unbalanced positions almost in any line. Black has to play on the queenside while white usually plays on the kingside. The french defense is one of the most popular and reliable responses to 1. This isnt so easy to incorporate into a chess book, since there is a wide range of ratingcomprehension levels for the readers.

I have both 2nd and 3rd editions of watsons play the french defence as well as his excellent dangerous weapons the french defence which is a goldmine of interesting ideas for both white and black, but this latest 4th edition of play the french defence is probably his greatest work on that particular opening so far, and over 400 pages long. When i was first approached about a french repertoire project in 2008 i was keen on the. Blacks counterplay on either wing this depends on the specific variation offers him an opportunity to unbalance the game and take white into a very sharp and double edged battle right from the very first moves. The french defence is a battle for control of the central dark squares. Chess french defence french defence pdf french defence new art of defence in chess chess art of defence dutch defence chess books dictionary of drilling and boreholes. B0493em a complete guide to playing 3 nc3 against the french defence two great books from the everyman chess library, french classical by byron jacobs and french winawer by neil mcdonald, brought together in one volume in french classical international master byron jacobs offers a fresh look at the classical variation of the french defence, which has been popular for nearly a. This book covers the most critical variation of the winawer, which occurs after the opening moves 1. Williams has done a ebook on the killer french, which is available via his website. Chess structures a grandmaster guide chess tactics from scratch chess tips for the improving player dragon volume one dragon volume two dynamic decision making in chess e3 poison experts on the antisicilian experts vs the sicilian 2nd edition from gm to top 10 genius in the background gm repertoire 1. Preface the idea of writing a chess book has been on my radar for many years. This ebook and included pgn files will allow you to play the french defence with confidence.

There are several excellent books covering the french defense. In these notes i will give a quick rundown on the main variations of the french, and give an example line for each variation so you can get some idea of how to play for each side. The author, german international master hannes langrock, has produced a book with complete coverage of this line, along with solid recommendations for black should. I believe that chess players of all levels can find in this book some thing new.

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