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James called the woods despatch the magna charta of indian education. A complete view on the education commissions in colonial india it includes mecaulay minute woods despatch hunter commission university. Education for commerce in 1854, the court of diretors of the east india company in london sent an educational despatch to the governorgeneral in india. Government s acceptance of educational responsibility. The despatch for the first time clearly accepted that the responsibility of education in india lies on british government. Woods despatch suggested that primary schools must adopt vernacular. One courthouse square bowling green, oh 43402 4193549060 office. Education commissions in colonial india slideshare. What was the main recommendations of woods despatch to reform educational system in britishindia. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site.

The wood s despatch the wood s despatch had a partial attitude towards the christian missionaries demerits 24 25. Importance of woods despatch to educational system of. Woods dispatch is called magna carta of english education in india. Ibegtodedicatethiswork,withmuchrespect,tothose ladiesandgentlemenwhomihavehadthehonourof instructinginmyprofession. Dispatch process flowchart presentation template for. Did you know the war started on the 3rd september 1939. Download as docx, pdf, txt or read online from scribd. Essay on woods despatch and growth of education in india. Wood s despatch wood s dispatch of 1854 mentioned we desire to see the establishment, with as little delay as possible, of training schools and classes for masters in each presidency in india.

In woods despatch much emphasize was given upon vocational education. Woods despatch on education, 1854 your article library. Woods despatch magnacarta of english education in india. Wood s despatch was a complete scheme with certain innovative aspects. The wood s despatch was considered of great significance in the history of indian education. Ppt indian educational system powerpoint presentation free to. English education will increase moral character in indians mind and thus supply eic with civil servants who can be trusted upon. The magna charta was the great charter of english personal and political liberty obtained from john in 1215. The wood s despatch owing to certain landmark recommendations by this despatch, it was called the magna carta. In stead wood s despatch emphasized on the education of the masses and announced the duty and responsibility of the government to provide education for the people of india. Introduction to woods despatch the charter of the east india company had to be renewed after every twenty years a selection. Later he became the president of the board of control of the east india company.

Historical development of english in indiappt british. Snow and pollution trip power transmission lines, lead to. Snow and pollution trip power transmission lines, lead to price fluctuation the nldc official said experts havent been able to find a way of overcoming the. If you are the owner for this file, please report abuse to 4shared. How to open a pptx file if you have your hands on a pptx file that you just want to look at and not edit, this can be done very easily with the free powerpoint. Wood s despatch of 1854 charles wood was a british liberal politician and member of parliament. Charles wood, the president of the board of east india company. A committee was formed in 1854 for studying the problems of education. He served as chancellor of the exchequer from 1846 to 1852. In 1854 he sent a despatch to lord dalhousie, the then governorgeneral of india. The despatch defined the aim of education keeping in view the interests of indians and british rule. Historical development of english in indiappt free download as powerpoint presentation.

Woods despatch laid down that government should provide education for. Mukherjee observed in his book history of education in india, the despatch is indeed a very important document. Structure and properties of wood a presentation by the canadian wood council and forintek canada corporation canadian conseil wood canadien council du bois. It came in july 1854, when sir charles wood was the president of the board of control. Sir charles wood, the president of the board of control, had an important effect on spreading english learning and female education in india. August, 1854 under the chairmanship of sir charles wood.

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