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Basic design considerations for geothermal heat pump. Computer software designed to determine the piping size and layout design of geothermal systems. The geothermal system uses 60% of the energy used by the boilertower system. Links igshpa international ground source heat pump.

In heatingdominated buildings, the design approach takes advantage of glazed solar. A hybrid geothermal heat pump system can lower your costs by reducing the peak capacity of your ground loop and allowing you to install a smaller, less expensive ground heat exchanger. The capacity of the ground to absorb or provide heat is a transient heat transfer problem. The first step to a happy home or building owner is a properlysized system. Available and suitable land area may be a constraint as to the feasibility of installing a geothermal heat pump system. Home comfortaire geothermalresidential looplogix geothermal design software. Rightloop requires you to set your bin data and earth temperature cities, select your groundsource heat pump equipment and circulating pump, and set your equipment configuration and loop characteristics. This loads data can be automatically matched to heat pumps stored within ground loop designs heat pump database.

Building a simulation app ensures both accuracy and efficiency in the design of a geothermal heat pumps heat recovery system. The unbiased physics based models are designed and optimized for accurate dependable results that reflect years of engineering and design experience. Geoconnections is the geothermal industrys leading software as a service saas company. Closed loop systems the following presentation is a summary of material with the appropriate unit conversions presented in groundsource heat pumps design of geothermal systems for commercial and institutional buildings by. Inputs for ground loop designs zone manager loads module include peak load information for each of the zones in an installation at different periods during the day. Here are the four basic steps to geothermal heat pump design. Use geothermal software for design, sizing and load calculations to make a sales presentation look even more professional. Thermal conductivity module piping module hourly model simulations time of use modeling predictied kwh consumption. Geothermal system design is complicated enough without having to master complex software. The industry standard for residential buildings is the acca manual j.

In addition to matching a heat exchanger to a building load, the gld grid builder allows the designer to specify an irregularly shaped loopfield. It is interesting to note we rarely see reversing heat pumps designed with warm ewt in either a geothermal design or even a cooling tower design. It has free tools and articles on geothermal design and installation, and sales and marketing best practices. Home forums geothermal heat pump info geothermal loops loop design software.

Carrier geothermal design software is designed, built and maintained by dandelion energy. Discussion in geothermal loops started by calladrilling, mar 14, 20. Take a look at how carrier geothermal design software stacks up to the leading alternative. The plans to the loop field are easy to understand but applying the technology to the design is quite complicated. But i was going to play around with some of the double. As with any heat pump, geothermal and water source pumps are able to heat and cool a building or residence. Gld is the choice of professionals in over 62 countries. A hybrid geothermal heat pump system can lower your costs by reducing the peak. Ground loop design gld is the leading software suite for designing geothermal ground source heat pump systems. This new work takes advantage of the many lessons learned since the time of the. Development of design and simulation tool for hybrid. Abandon preconceived notions and carefully deliver properly designed loop systems.

However, the bulldog system is regularly designed with warm ewt in dry cooler applications and geothermal design. Hygchp is a software module that can help you analyze this option. The package enables designers to determine the correct lengths of bore or pipe required for commercial vertical, horizontal andor pond heat excahngers, optimize the piping configuration for balanced flow and optimal heat transfer, and calculate the annual and lifetime. In geothermal designs, dont succumb to rules of thumb. Three most common mistakes made by geothermal designers. Geothermal package heat pumps geothermal split system watertowater loop pumps. You have a choice of which side you need the return air, left or right. The firms lead engineer has contributed content to software for snow melting and radiant heating applications. Agenda and objectives trane engineers newsletter live series central geothermal system design and control many people are familiar with geothermal heat pump systems, using small, geothermal heat pumps, distributed throughout the building, that are coupled with a ground source heat exchanger.

For this article, well focus on a singlefamily residential building. Figure 1 shows annual energy usage for a 160,000 ft. Geothermal design software has intelligent business analysis for heat pumps with the energy cost in every zone and hybrid design integration. Looplink pro is simple, powerful, webbased ground loop design software. The heat exchanger may be composed of any number of boreholes arranged in various configurations. We provide energy saving environmentally friendly geothermal heating and cooling systems for residential or commercial buildings in manitoba and western canada. This project provides an easytouse, menudriven, software tool for designing hybrid solargeothermal heat pump systems ghp for both heating and coolingdominated buildings. Design with confidence using the only software built on the calculation methods outlined in the 2011 igshpa residentiallight commercial design manual. Free geothermal and hydronic online software from geoflo 2018. The design water flow rate and temperature from the earth sets the performance of geothermal heat pump equipment rather than the outside air temperature used by hvac air source equipment. Ground loop design gld 2016 edition is the leading software suite for designing geothermal ground source heat pump systems. The key to designing a good geothermal system is selecting the proper sized heat pump equipment in each zone and matching the design temperature for cooling. Ground loop design 2016 by gaia geothermal software.

Design of the groundcoupling sizing of the groundcoupling for a heat pump is different than sizing conventional equipment. Charles remund, author of the international ground source heat pump association igshpa design manual, explains how to design a ground heat exchanger for a commercial geothermal system. Designing custom heat pump systems is a complicated task that requires solar engineers to consider a variety of factors, including size and control of the system and the dimensioning of hot water tanks. Multizonemultiheat pump designs take on bigger residential projects than ever before with the only residential software that allows up to 10 zones with any number of heat pumps per zone. Looplink pro and looplink rlc are purpose built to make the complicated business of ground loop design fast, easy and accurate. Reduce the cost of implementing geothermal heat pump systems on your building projects by going hybrid. Geoanalyst is a residential geothermal design and application software that allows geothermal installers to design, size, and present recommendations to customers with ease. It is a companion guide to mcquays catalog 3301, water source heat pump design manual, which discusses boilertower heat pump design.

Glhepro was developed as an aid in the design of vertical boreholetype ground loop heat exchangers used in geothermal heat pump systems. With a 30% federal tax credit and up to 70% savings on your energy bills, geothermal systems. Used in more than 70 countries, gld is the tool of choice for innovative engineering, design and consulting firms. Geo geothermal design software has a builtin 8760 hourly generator that is fast and efficient enabling each zone to have a unique 8760 hourly analysis for the heat pump equipment in each zone environment. Three most common mistakes made by geothermal designers if youre new to the geothermal heat pump industry, read the geothermal 101 reading list. Geothermal design software patented vertical, horizontal, hybrid. Fundamentals of commercial geothermal wellfield design. Geothermal heat pump systems for heating and cooling are green energy. A geothermal system can usually be implemented by any heatingcooling application providing that favorable conditions exist to do the geothermal wellfield installation. Optimization of a hybrid ground source heat pump using the response surface method, korea university. This design is a stand model and is the most common sold and installed. Development of design and simulation tool for hybrid geothermal heat pump system.

Software tools such as mcquays energy analyzer can be used to track the energy consumed by heat pumps in boilertower and geothermal systems. Geothermal heat pump units, kits, and components for the installation is also available. Design a geothermal heat pumps heat recovery system. Geothermal systems benefit from the constant temperature of the earth where water circulates in the ground heat exchanger. Development of a software design tool for hybrid solargeothermal heat pump systems in. Hvac residential market residential geothermal heat pumps. If youre new to the geothermal heat pump industry, read the geothermal 101 reading list. If the ghx temperature goes above the design temperature, some heat pumps may struggle or lock out on high head pressure. Gld is the leading software suite for geothermal heat pump and ground heat exchanger system design. Water cooled scroll geo thermal heat pump business lg. Design of geothermal systems for commercial and institutional buildings, which is recognized as the primary reference for nonresidential groundsource heat pump gshp installations.

Epri geothermal heat pump epri ghp optimization of hybrid geothermal heat pump systems. Gld software windowsbased revolutionary geothermal. Calladrilling member industry professional forum leader. The most important part of any geothermal installation is the design of the system, and that begins with an accurate. It has free tools and articles on geothermal design and installation and sales and marketing best practices. The ground loop is a key part of the geothermal system and it must be properly designed and installed. The heat pumps function is to transfer the building btu loads between the building and the ground heat exchange. Geotsol helps you with this and can concentrate on the development of. Application guide ag 31008 3 introduction this application guide is written to assist the designer in geothermal heat pump design. Quickly and easily design loopfields for multiple zone, multiple heat pump geothermal systems from anywhere.

This web page focuses on computer programs for geothermal hvac systems. Heatspring magazine 4step guide to designing geothermal. It is interesting to note we rarely see reversing heat pumps designed with warm ewt in either a geothermal design or even a. While glhepro may be used for residential system design, it is aimed at commercial systems. Geothermal heating and cooling is a complete revision of groundsource heat pumps. Bosch geothermal systems bring you innovative design, industrybest efficiency and unmatched reliability.

While significant imbalance of heat extractionheat rejection. Geothermal systems that work by design, not by accident ground loop design software gldtm is the worlds leading commercial ghx software design tool with design professionals in more than 60 countries using it in a dozen different languages to design english and metric based systems. Scroll geo thermal heat pump lgs watercooled scroll geo thermal heat pump uses geothermal heat system to provide coolheat water and coolingheating system. I am currently on a trial of looplink, and i must say im very impressed. Installing a geothermal systemwhich brings heat from the ground into your homeused to be expensive and timeconsuming. This reference page has an index that will guide you directly to geothermal software and programs online. This is a hugh accuracy improvement where single heat pump performance curves are used. Ground loop design gld is a software tool for designing and optimizing ground source heat pump systems. Pumps must be properly sized for the volume of water it needs to transfer through the ground loop and the size of the heat pump system. This program will design your geothermal system instantly, once the data set is completed. Ground loop heat exchanger design software building. Optimal sizing of hybrid groundsource heat pump systems that use a cooling pond as a supplemental heat rejectera system simulation approach.

Our systems are the most energy and cost efficient systems on the market and therefore the greenest technology for heating and cooling your home. Ground loop design is the choice of professionals in over 60 countries and is the worlds leading software suite for commercial geothermal heat pump and ground heat exchanger system design. Careful design is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient capacity available for the geothermal heat pump to operate properly. Geothermal design software intelligent analysis heat pumps. Gld is the leading software suite for geothermal heat. Gld provides designers with an advanced, comprehensive, easytouse and customizable engineering toolbox for optimizing ground source heat pump systems. Participants are quizzed on key concepts and then use looplink pro software to work through design and load calculation assignments. Glhepro is used for designing ground loop heat exchangers for use with ground source heat pump systems.

Geoflos calculators design suite features 22 applications for. Heat pumps are systems that draw heat from onesource earth, water, air or ambient and transfer it to another. Gld software windowsbased revolutionary geothermal hvac. The thermal state of the ground is determined by prior heat additionextractions rates and durations. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use an underground piping system, commonly referred to as a loop, to exchange heat between a building or home, a ground source heat pump, a heat exchanger and the earth. Tools to design and support your ground source heat pump installation. Geothermal hvac software ground loop design, load calculation. Ground loop design is the leading software suite for geothermal heat pump and ground heat exchanger system design. If not sized properly, the heat pump will not perform at its maximum efficiency. Geothermal heat pump design and application software.

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