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Masters swimming code of regulations and rules of competition this is an online version of the official rule book. Four strokes, or styles of swimming, are contested at swimming meets. Tom osborne, dick fosbury headline 2018 hall of fame class. The 2017 list of prohibited substances and methods is available on the websites listed above. Womens swimming became olympic in 1912 at the stockholm games. Usa swimming releases clarifications on the use of tape. Usa swimming rules for the start the start a at the commencement of each heat, the referee shall signal to the swimmers by a short series of whistles to remove all clothing except for swimwear, followed by a long whistle indicating that they should take and maintain their positions on the starting platform, the deck. Usa swimming policy manual the usa swimming policy manual is available on usa swimmings website. Swimmers race a variety of distances, ranging from 25 yards or meters to 1600 yards. Appendix 2b 20172020 national age group motivational times. Ncaa mens and womens swimming and diving rules 20152016 and 20162017. Makes lap counting permissible, but not required lap counters rule. Reorganized swimmingdiving rules address event clarity, definition.

The format is based on a standalone version initially developed in 2008 by the fina masters technical committee. Typically, administrative rules are those dealing with preparation for the competition. Usa swimmings ban on certain suits went into effect in the fall of 2009, whereas finas went into effect at the start of 2010. Keep this portable, current rulebook close by as you watch the usa swim team compete and youll know whats going on every step of the way. Ncaa mens and womens swimming and diving rules 201718 and 201819. January 15, 2014 relating to the 20 fina rule change. Review of legislated changes for correct application provided by jay thomas, anneliese eggert, mickey smythe. Interpretations made by the rules regs comte rev aug 2015 clean. Upcoming flag football advisory committee meeting to be. List of united states records in swimming wikipedia. The rules are available at the offices of usa swimming or may be found.

Swimming official forms world record form valid from 21. Sep 24, 2009 usa swimming s clarification of new swimsuit rules we have heard your concerns and confusion over the amendments to rule 102. Makes lap counting permissible, but not required lap counters rule 232. May 24, 2018 in fact, usas did not enact a rule against coachathlete relationships until the united states olympic committee forced it to do so in 2014. Explanatory memo for 2017 swimming rule changes interpretation swimming rules updated 14. Follow along with the action like an expert with the usa swimming 2017 mini rulebook.

Since then, it has been part of every edition of the games. Usa swimmings 2017 code of conduct vested final authority in how to handle sexual misconduct complaints with the ceo, which hinchey had been for 23 days at the time of the email to him. Usa swimming releases clarification of new swimsuit rules. Features rules and regulations that will be in effect for this year.

Masters swimming rule book page iii previous rule book dedications 1989 june krauser 1992 mary lee watson 1993 kathrine casey and gail dummer 1994 all usms volunteers 1995 e. Masters swimming rule book a rule book dedication nna lea matysek is curious about how everything works. The sessions for both parents and athletes include a onehour training. Ipc swimming rulebook 2014 2017 page 3 1 ipc swimming 1. Wiaa washington interscholastic activities association. The entire ncaa mens and womens swimming and diving rules book has been designated as a conduct rule, meaning the rules contained in this book cannot be changed by mutual consent unless flexibility is indicated within the rule itself in previous books, some rules were designated administrative rules.

Attendance will be taken via a survey at the end of training and the usa swimming staff will manually. North carolina swimming has a house of delegates hod weekend each spring around the third week of april and each fall the weekend immediately following the united states aquatic sports convention, typically the last week of september. Lawsuit targets coach, usa swimming in sex assault of 12year. The msc 202017 rule book consists of the general rules gr, swimming rules sw, open water swimming rules ows and appendices. The conduct rules are those that have to do directly with the competition. Each stroke has specific rules as to how swimmers may propel themselves through the water. Each changed or altered segment is identified in the rules by a screened background lap counting rule 231. The 2020 rules and regulations is an official publication of. An engineer by trade, she can take somethingtangible or notapart and put it back together before most people have gured out what it is. The mens and womens programmes are almost identical, as they contain the same number of events, with only one difference. Meet directors handbook page 1 rev december, 2017 the meet director this handbook is designed as an aid to meet directors in middle atlantic swimming. Usa swimming is the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the united states. In fact, usas did not enact a rule against coachathlete relationships until the united states olympic committee forced it to do so in 2014.

Ncaa swimming and diving rules interpretations updated december 12, 2017 nov. Kevin kelly 1996 dorothy donnelly 1997 jack geoghegan 1998 usms allamericans 1999 f. On june th, 2016, jay thomas, chair of the rules and regulations committee of usa swimming, sent out some further clarifications on usa swimming rule. The following corrections are being issued to the downloadable version of the mens and womens swimming and diving 201516 and 201617 rules book. The usa swimming safe sport staff is hosting weekly zoom trainings to help clubs achieve the training requirements of the safe sport club recognition program. Official volleyball rules 20172020 7 game characteristics volleyball is a sport played by two teams on a playing court divided by a net. Stroke after the start and after each turn when the swimmer leaves the wall, the body shall be kept on the breast. Makes it permissible to station lap counters at the. Masters swimming rules are not printed in this book. Changes to the rulebook are made on a yearly basis following the u. For more information on this or other training products, visit. Usa swimmings clarification of new swimsuit rules we have heard your concerns and confusion over the amendments to rule 102.

The rules have been designated as either administrative rules or conduct rules. The object of the game is to send the ball over the net in order to. As the national governing body for the sport of swimming, usa swimming is responsible for setting the rules and regulations governing competitive swimming. Coupled with the enthusiasm and patience possessed by all great teachers. House of delegates information north carolina swimming.

Hot topic no new posts, 2014 usas technical rule book, administrator, 7853. It is not permitted to roll onto the back at any time. History of all rule changes thru 201617 pdf 201516. Usa boxing official rule book competition rules effective january 1, 2014 revised november 20.

We are a 400,000member service organization that promotes the culture of swimming by creating opportunities for swimmers and coaches of all backgrounds to participate and advance in the sport through teams, events and education. The nfhs makes the rules and case books for high school sports and activities available online in the publications library. All upcoming meetings will be updated on the calendar. In february, pat hogan, usa swimmings club development manager, abruptly resigned amid rumors he had. Swimming 2015 2017 version 07 september 2015 3 w 2. In february, pat hogan, usa swimmings club development manager, abruptly resigned amid rumors he had a relationship with a former swimmer when he was a coach. Fina masters rules redirects to the fina web site 2020 u. You must be a paid member of an nfhs member association coaches or fine arts or a state staff member to view this content. Usa swimming will officially adopt the fina rule change modifying the lochte rule sept. Head mens and womens swimming and diving coaches and conference commissioners. Nba officiating news, rulebook and referee operations. Based on the 2014 nec mike holts illustrated guide to.

Each book contains diagrams of playing areas, official signals, and official interpretations and rulings. The usa swimming rule book is the official publication of usa swimming. Please remember that the rules and policies of usa swimming usas and of middle atlantic swimming mas constantly change as we strive to improve our sport. Of the 200 clubs awarded by the usa swimming excellence program in 2018, 12 were from ma swimming of over 3,000 usa swimming clubs, 25 of the top 500 are part of middle atlantic swimming. There are different versions available for specific circumstances in order to offer the versatility of the game to everyone. Fina rule changes, including loosened lochte rule, take. Printed versions of the official publication can be purchased from the national office for. Swimming and diving rules committee welcomes new members 2. Middle atlantic swimming has also had one athlete on. Finas batch of 20172018 rule changes officially take effect today, including a softened version of the unpopular lochte rule in im events. The 2017 rules and regulations is an official publication of usa swimming, the national. If there are any discrepancies between this online version and the printed publication, the online version will take precedence.

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